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Quality Hair & Beauty Products & Expert Advice.

Glamour Hair & Beauty is a hair & makeup salon in the NW of Ireland. We use & supply only the best hair & beauty products, researching them thoroughly before we commit to a range.

We specialise in products with an excellent reputation & proven results and it’s also very important to us that the ingredients in our products are as natural as possible and have been proven safe to use.

Delilah Cosmetics

Hair Thinning in Women –

We Provide Discreet Solutions

Hair loss in women is much more common that you might think and it can happen for a lot of reasons. We supply 100% human hair toppers and wigs in a variety of lengths, colours and base sizes to transform your look and restore your confidence.

Hair & Beauty – Advice & News

Achieve glowing skin

Achieve glowing skin

Your skin takes a beating for doing such an important job. After the harsh UV radiation, environmental toxins, unhealthy diet, and stress of endless adult responsibilities, your skin, too, deserves all the TLC it can get. But how do you care for your skin? A simple...

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How to stop frizzy hair

How to stop frizzy hair

Frizzy hair is often associated with curly hair, but any hair type can become frizzy. Based on over many years of salon experience, I’ve developed a deep conditioning treatment exclusively formulated to tackle dry, frizzy hair. My mantra when it comes to hair is to...

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