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Frizzy hair is often associated with curly hair, but any hair type can become frizzy. Based on over many years of salon experience, I’ve developed a deep conditioning treatment exclusively formulated to tackle dry, frizzy hair.

My mantra when it comes to hair is to keep it simple. I believe in taking a simple approach for maximum impact.

What hair needs at the most fundamental level is moisture. Moisture is the foundation of a good hair care routine.

If you’ve ever battled with a halo of frizz or your hair never looks glossy or shiny, it’s time to get serious about adding moisture.

In this blog I’ll share my advice on preventing and getting rid of frizzy hair.

Keep reading for frizz-free hair and discover why Restore and Shine Hair Masque is the ultimate frizzy hair treatment.

I know from experience that where there is a hair problem, such as how to smooth or tame frizzy hair, there is always a solution.

This blog is about taking the frizz out of your hair. I’ll cover how to stop or get rid of frizzy hair in 7 simple steps.

I’ll tackle common questions about dry, frizzy hair: How can I stop frizzy hair after washing?, How can I tame Frizzy Hair Overnight? or What are the Best Fizzy Hair Products?

Frizz occurs when the hair is dry or damaged. Dry hair is prone to breakage, leaving it vulnerable to moisture loss. The hair compensates for moisture loss by soaking up moisture from humid environments, and frizz occurs.

By ensuring the hair is balanced and has sufficient moisture, you can stop frizzy hair and prevent it from reoccurring.

I developed Restore and Shine Hair Masque to perfectly balance the hair’s moisture and seal the cuticle (the hair’s outer layer) to lock in that moisture.

My exclusive formula blends pro vitamin b5, glycerin and avocado oil to treat frizzy hair. Put it at the heart of your haircare routine, using it weekly to treat frizz hair and prevent its return.

Follow my 7 steps to beat the frizz, lock in moisture, and reduce damage and dryness to take control of your hair.